The initiative will nurture collaboration through decentralised training, peer-to-peer support and knowledge exchange.

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Who are we?

Sudan Crisis Coordination Unit

At the Sudan Crisis Coordination Unit (SCCU), we facilitate the coordination of resources and efforts among different actors and stakeholders involved in addressing the humanitarian crisis in Sudan. The SCCU provides information, guidance, and support to diaspora organisations, humanitarian aid agencies, local civil society organisations, government agencies and first responders, especially around forming effective partnerships and enhancing capacity for localised aid delivery. By advocating for and facilitating more localised, nuanced knowledge of the various humanitarian zones in Sudan, we aim to ensure a more effective and efficient response to the crisis and to maximise the impact of available resources.


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    Improve the coordination of the humanitarian response in relation to the crisis in Sudan

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    Identify gaps in the humanitarian response and enhance current efforts

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    Building relationships and partnerships to drive the localisation of humanitarian response in Sudan, and the wider humanitarian system

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    Generate learning and best practices and share them with diaspora communities and the wider humanitarian sector

  • Developing and disseminating briefing papers, analysis, and recommendations on the crisis
  • Facilitating dialogue and collaboration among various groups and networks through online and offline meetings and events
  • Advocating for the rights and needs of the affected populations and promoting their participation and representation in decision-making processes
  • Advising and directing funders to support the most urgent and strategic interventions
  • Monitoring and evaluating the impact and effectiveness of the coordinated response

Key Functions

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    Develop a secretariat and advisory group

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