SIHA Network – Strategic Initiative for Women in the Horn of Africa

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1 September, 2023

SIHA network was created by women activists from Somaliland, Ethiopia, and Sudan in the mid-1990s. Today they continue to work as an inclusive and diverse feminist women’s rights network that holds a unique position working as a regional civil society network in politically volatile contexts. SIHA works in a variety of cultural, political, and geographical environments in Uganda, Ethiopia, Djibouti, Eritrea, Somalia, Somaliland, Sudan and South Sudan.

SIHA has two offices in Sudan, one office in Khartoum and one in North Darfur – Al Fashir city. SIHA has been working in Khartoum since 2002, Darfur region since 2004 and Eastern Sudan and Southern Kourdofan since 2007. SIHA’s Regional Secretariat Office was based in Sudan from 2002 to 2008, though it had to move to Kampala, Uganda in 2009 due to insecurity. SIHA sustains long-standing and extensive expertise on the country and its relevant issues. As of 2010, SIHA has been focusing on working with grassroots women in urban poor areas across the country, including displaced and migrant women and girls, while establishing and countrywide networks, solidarity for advocacy, and protection as well as effective response strategies.”

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