Sudanese Women Rights Action

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Diaspora-led, Gender, Initiative
8 August, 2023

Sudanese Women Action, is an initiative aimed at advocating Sudanese women rights, and highlight their brave struggle to promote and empower human rights in one of the world’s most hostile environments against human rights advocates. We also work in providing support and help for Sudanese WHRDs through creating protection and advocacy network. We are a group of women activists from Sudan decided to defy the restricting conditions for NGOs work inside Sudan and started working on women rights with very limited capacity since 2011. We work through members in Sudan and diaspora. In the last seven years we provided advocacy, and helped dozens of Sudanese WHRDs at risk. We helped WHRDs find legal aid, protection funds, and psychological and after trauma support. In the last few years we have cooperated with many international NGOs, such as MENA COALITION FOR WHRDS, WLUML, WELLD, Human Rights Watch, Amnesty International and many other local and regional women groups.”

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